XM Moments

I really love my XM. I have been with XM since day one. Nov 30 2006. I stopped on the way home from work and activated it that night and I haven't looked back since. I come into work in the morning and the guys always wonder why I am in such I good mood and I say 5 simple letters. BPMonXM. BPM keeps me going on the way to work through out the day and on the way home; and I love the fact that I can listen to any NHL game whenever they are on.

Calgary, Alberta

I am new to the satellite radio thing,having received mine for xmas and I am hooked!!! I have 3-4 radio stations in my city and they are gross. Now I do not even turn them on anymore. I have the home and auto package and take my radio everywhere. I am a dedicated bone-yard fan but change the channels often to see what else is out there.

Sudbury, Ontario

I wondered who would pay for radio. I find myself relaxing more in the evenings listening to Top Tracks 46, Bluesville 74 or a laugh on the comedy station. The remote is a wonderful addition to XM radio at home. When I go out, the wife and kids click on there own desired music. Driving is more relaxing and I wonder what people think when they see you at a light laughing to yourself (XM comedy). The TV is off more.

Wonder no more.


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